4 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Grabbing and securing a customer’s attention continues to be increasingly difficult, as society’s expectations grow at the same speed as technology. With smart phones, streaming services and adblocking services for browsers, mediums to reach new customers are shrinking while people have more and more distractions to help them tune your message out. So, here are 4 creative ideas for breaking through the noise and increasing consumer awareness of your brand.

Consider Free Samples if Possible

Have a new product that customer research tells you potential customers are unsure about? Or, do you just want to remind people that you are out there? Producing a number of free samples and then giving them away at a busy intersection is a great way to accomplish both of these goals.

Car Wraps

Sometimes with our heavy focus on digital marketing, brands can forget tried and true methods that get customers attention; car wraps are one you should consider. They are customized designs that can cover your entire car and attract attention wherever you go to help people learn more about what your brand is about. So whether it’s your company car or your own, wrap it up!

Branded Swag

Everybody loves branded swag, whether or not it has anything to do with your product. So consider putting your brand on items people love to use, like drink koozies, pens, Frisbees, t-shirts and more, and give them away at local festival. The benefit is twofold: you’ll develop a relationship with a new potential customer and get some free advertising at the same time.         

Automated Retail Machines

Automated retail machines are a new and rapidly growing form of retail that is expanding worldwide at an astonishing pace. Whether its cufflinks, baguettes or LEGO toys, more products than ever are being sold in these convenient kiosks. The fun and modern experience of interacting with touch screens, monitors and robotic arms sparks the interest of shoppers of all ages all over the world and creates a net-new revenue stream for retailers.

If you’re interested in increasing your brand awareness, get in touch with Signifi to find out how we can help!

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