Best Practices for Targeting Millennials


Millennials are a diverse, multifaceted group. Nearly 40% have opted for a tattoo. Almost 25% sport a piercing someplace other than an earlobe. Most Millennials sleep with their cellphone next to their bed. It’s a fact, in North America that they are more ethnically diverse than the generations that came before. Millennials are optimistic and confident.  

Millennials are a market on to their own. They have high expectations and yet, don’t know what they want until you tell them. All of these factors can make them the most difficult demographic to target. Millennials surround their everyday life with issues like carbon footprints, social media, environmentalism, globalization, open source information and technology.  Companies today have to adapt their business models to position their products towards this demographic.   

Millennials like to partner with their brands, interact with them through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and online social blogs. They like to form connections, feel like they are a part of the club. More and more, customer experience is being played out online, and it’s more important than ever. Online reviews mean something - they can make or break a sale. Millennials want to be a part of their company’s brand, and share their experiences through various social media platforms. As long as the brand experience is interactive, creative, and innovative, your company is on the right path. 

Signifi Solutions Inc., a leading global provider of automated retail kiosks, has a solution to serving this growing demographic. With Automated Retail Kiosks, a company can integrate social platforms into their customer’s retail experience. You can create a personalized branding experience. And you do it all through an innovative and interactive experience.

Signifi machines leave a smaller carbon footprint than a brick and mortar store. They also provide more convenient access to products during 24/7.  Millennials want convenience and quality. Automated Kiosks offer them both.  


Signifi Automated Retail Kiosk Benefits

  • You can reduce your brands carbon footprint. This resonates with environmentally conscious consumers and puts your company ahead of the curve.
  • Your consumers have the ability to interact with your brand through social media at point of sale.


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