Why IT Departments are Adding Automated Retail Kiosks to Better Manage Assets


Wikipedia considers asset management to be: “… optimal management of the physical assets of an organization to maximize value …" 


Better Asset tracking and management has become even more complicated over the years with portable device, smartphones and laptops.  By better managing assets across the facility, organizations can improve utilization and staff performance. In fact, they can even reduce asset-related operating costs and make informed decisions about the technology. 

IT departments are improving corporate asset management through Signifi’s automated dispensing systems.  Corporate and field offices are integrating automated retail vending kiosks in their locations.  The units carry devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, supplies that new and regular employees need on a day to day basis.  The idea is to reduce the pressure on the IT department while decrease the hours of wasted waiting time that most employees experience when requiring technology parts and products  

“The automated vending unit easily manages and controls the dispensing of products using employee ID cards, leaving the IT department to configure and stock the products in advance” says Signifi Solutions Inc., a global player in the space with over 10 years experience.  

Damaged keyboards, mice, laptops and even screens can be returned into the unit and replacements can be dispensed without having to fill out long forms and chasing down IT staff.  Asset management becomes more powerful when the information collected is used to make intelligent informed decisions. This is there the powerful web based backend becomes helpful. Everything is tracked in great detail about every asset and any interaction with the employee and IT staff.  Additionally, integration with the IT department’s software can make the solution even more useful. 

The unit tracks the inventory it collects and dispenses, provides better control of company assets while increasing employee productivity with quicker response time. Moreover, it provides an overall improvement in the processes in the IT departments, by allowing better time management. 

The dispensing unit is durable, high capacity, and includes a touch-screen and a server which controls all the robotics and system components and can be set up to dispense only certain products to certain people or departments. Any company that depends heavily on a variety of spares, parts, hardware supplies and technology knows how expensive and frustrating it can be when urgent requests are made. Tracking assets manually slows everything down further. 

With touchscreens being so prominent in every technology gadget, employees do not require any training or handholding to use the unit, they simply take what they need, and everything is automatically tracked and monitored.

The unit can be fitted with barcode scanners, RFID readers to biometric ID scanners so it can handle any employee management system.


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