Signifi Releases New PPE Dispensing + UV Locker Solution to Combat COVID-19 Within the Workplace

        Without a doubt, today's school, work, and living situations within the global pandemic will be classified as one of the most bizarre and problematic times in modern history.


And unfortunately, history is permanent, this moment has already been engraved within our lives and has altered the way we perceive the new world. As the pandemic begins to subside, many are eager to return to their normal routines and get back to their beloved careers. But we know that’s not the way it will play out. The way we go back to work has changed, forever. And as companies are gearing up to open their doors, one question still remains. How will you accommodate for the safety of your team during the virus? Some companies have just allowed their employees to work from home forever, some till the end of the year. But for the rest of the businesses, this just wasn’t an option, and their workers needed to return. With that being said, these employees will come back with the expectation that their company has taken the necessary steps to make their building or office environment safe and sanitized. That brings us to the real challenges of working in a modern office post-COVID-19:


Distribution of Reusable masks and PPE: 

To make the workplace safer, companies need to provide easily accessible reusable PPE (personal protective equipment) and control their issue, how can this be done?


Your employee’s hygiene concerns:

Employees are concerned about their safety and will be more aware of personal hygiene in the office environment and how they use shared equipment or personal items. How will companies assist? With this in mind, Signifi knew exactly what had to be done in order to alleviate these types of concerns.


     First, employees required access to PPE at all times. This was necessary to boost their confidence when returning, and this is what our vending solutions make possible. We have designed and manufactured new units for the sole purpose of dispensing PPE within work environments such as offices. And because our units are built to be stocked with a variety of different shaped goods, there’s no need to fret about custom packaging when it comes to protective gear such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers. Another element is that our software controls the amount being dispensed so tracking the issue of PPE will ensure bad actors aren’t rewarded.

ppe for your staff2

    Secondly, in order to truly provide a safer environment, we also fitted our dispensing units with disinfecting UV Light lockers that can sanitize personal items such as reusable masks, laptops, and cellphones that employees carry with them. Once a locker is selected through our user interface, it opens up automatically to reduce excess contact. Employees then place their items within the locker and wait a mere 30-45 seconds for the wavelengths of the lights to eradicate any bacteria or viruses on their belongings. And once the cycle is over, the locker will then open up automatically again to maximize safety and convenience. With this being said, none of our advanced features would function without our powerful software known as “VISION”. Along with controlling the unit, this platform is also capable of overseeing things such as project management and analytical reporting. Furthermore, it can be integrated with ITSM and ERP, allowing the unit to dispense equipment or open lockers with just the tap of the employee’s badge.


    Lastly, we have recently added our new product, Signifi Screen Safe, a liquid nano protective coating that can be applied on all touch screens to act as an antibacterial barrier. Lasting around 30 days (depending on traffic volume), this coating will further increase the peace of mind of those returning workers. With this new screen, the badge capabilities, and the automatic opening of lockers, we can provide direct answers to your employee’s concerns. 


What’s unique about our offering?

Unlike our competitors, the lockers and the vending machine come together and are operated by one unified system and screen. Vending + Locker solutions are embodied within models such as our Spark Touch, Spark XL, and Spark Companion. Other features and benefits of these models include the following:

  • Large product capacity that also requires no special packaging for PPE
  • A customizable exterior to represent any brand
  • Internal cameras in order to provide remote support that can solve 90% of service calls and increase machine uptime
  • Durable belts are used instead of faulty coil systems in order to improve user satisfaction and performance
  • In-locker options such as phone chargers and network access for laptops are also available

    In conclusion, we believe our unit will ensure your team’s relief and they will be delighted to see that you have taken action towards the Coronavirus during such a stressful period of time. Considering changing your work environment to fit in with the new normal?

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