The trend Of Vending Machines To Smart Vending To Automated Retail Machines

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Where and when did it begin?

Vending machines are a tried and true vehicle for shrinking an entire convenience store into a refrigerator size round-the-clock revenue generator. 

Towards the end of the 19th century English publisher and entrepreneur, Richard Carlisle, expanded his reach through vending machines by selling books and the trend vending was rapidly adapted by other merchants. 

As the concept grew successful businesses were catching on and food and beverages were becoming commonplace in retail vending machines that were popping up all over high traffic consumer areas which resulted in a surge of net-new income for businesses.

The surge in vending machine popularity grew at the same rate as the advancements in retail technology.  Refrigeration introduced cold beverages to the vending machine.  As early as 1946 the vending machine created a massive surge for the coffee business making the “coffee break” as convenient as inserting a coin while on the go. 

For a short period of time in the 1950’s as flight travel was on the rise but safety was still in question, airports dispensed life insurance policies via vending machines! 

Continuing to grow with the trends of technology, companies began upgrading payment methods to bills and cards rather than just coins. 

The trend in maximizing a company’s public reach has been taken to a very new and exciting level.

Signifi and the rise of automated retail machines 

Fast forwarding to the present, we find ourselves in a new and innovative era of entirely robotic based retail vending machines. “Smart vending machines” are quite simply regular vending machines with a touchscreen. They are well suited for low cost items but lack the prestige and allure of an Automated retail kiosk. The cost of products dispensed from an Automated retail machine can range from 5 dollars to 1,000 dollars and more.  The automated retail units are generally associated with quality products and create a genuine sense of trust with the consumer. The form of payment in these units has evolved to credit, debit, tap and mobile payments.

Backed by the world’s largest brands, these automated retail kiosks satisfy the needs of todays fast paced culture by offering high quality products whenever and wherever customers need them.

On a global scale, brands are leveraging retail vending kiosks to expand their offerings at a significant fraction of the cost of investing in store fronts.  Signifi is a leader in the industry and is enabling companies worldwide to enhance their customers experience and significantly build on the convenience of 24/7 product accessibility.  The potential is exciting and unlimited as Signifi custom designs unique machines to highlight the products you want to showcase.  One of their biggest asset is they design both the hardware and software and are able to work closely with the company to create memorable customer interactions. Almost anything can be dispensed from the unit. With social media and the tremendous need for immediacy that today’s customers demand, automated retail is today’s cutting edge solution for boosting both sales and marketing for retailers.

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