Epic Vending Machine Fails

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There’s nothing worse than a traditional vending machine helping itself to your hungry wallet without dispensing anything in return. Watching your favorite snack gets stuck on its way towards you is equally frustrating. However, they can win you some laughs!

Here’s a look at some of the epic vending machine fails from across the internet:

  1. Wait, its almost here or is it?

The most common (and most frustrating!) vending machine fail. When a product doesn’t dispense correctly, it can cause a huge chain reaction that can’t be fixed without a call to the maintenance team. Plus, you’re left without your snack and your money!

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  1. I Didn’t Know Vending Machines Sold That!

There are many things that vending machines just shouldn’t sell. For example, animals. No matter how cute and cuddly they may look, you won’t want to find them anywhere near your lunch.

    3.jpg   5.jpg

  1. Your Favorite Snack is Missing

Picture this: You’re ready for your usual mid-afternoon snack. You arrive at your local vending machine to find that your beloved bag of chips is out of stock. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, it’s not hard to understand the mindset of these angry snackers.

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Automated vending solutions has the ability to end all the above challenges and ensure high customer satisfaction. These modern high-end vending machines have features such as large product capacity, flexible planograms, flexible payment options, soft dispense, demand forecasting and analytics to give customers a great experience. As a result, customers tend to spend more adding 5 to 15 times to your revenue. 

They sell a wide range of products from cosmetics and electronics to toys and jewelry.  Using the intuitive touch screen software, shoppers can see details about their selection and then make a purchase using credit card, debit card, tap or smart phones. Through the use of innovative laser sensor technology and internal cameras, the dispensing is very accurate and if a product does not dispense for some reason, the customers don't get charged.  Even cooler than that, the support staff can log in remotely and dispense the product for you while you are still in front of the unit. 

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