5 Reasons to choose Automated Retail to promote brands

2 Minutes Read

Automated retail has become more prevalent in the post-pandemic world, and successful companies are utilizing the unique opportunities it presents like promotions. Companies are turning to a new sales and marketing solution, automated retail machines. These can be placed in non-traditional locations or within stores, with the goal of selling products where the customers are, instead of bringing customers to you. Aside from extending the retailer's reach, it provides customers with convenience and instant gratification.

Here are 5 reasons why automated retail solutions can be more effective than the traditional methods when introducing new products, extending your brick and mortar store presence and promoting your current products.

  1. Cost

A one-time cost in purchasing and programming an automated retail machine can save your business thousands of dollars in buying outdoor ad spaces, digital signages and hiring additional staff for promotions. While adding a human touch is a great idea, these days customers prefer to explore products by themselves without any intervention especially post-pandemic. 


  1. Consistency in your brand message 

An automated retail machine is fully programmable and displays multiple languages, presentation and imagery that your brand wants to communicate with your target market. With full control over presentation and user experience, your brand messaging will remain intact.  


  1. WOW Factor

A well-designed, customized automated retail unit with a large glass front and premium lighting immediately puts the spotlight on your products whether the unit is within your store or at a remote location. Automated retail also offers add-on features like capturing audience behavior, and tailoring your offering to their preferences. 


For example, this prominent LEGO machine inside Toys ‘R Us store. The innovative aspect of this unit draws attention and focus to LEGO, and when a purchase is made, the excitement of watching the robotics move and deliver a toy creates the WOW factor that keeps the consumers' attention on the brand.

  1. Security and Convenience
    While there are security measures in a store, the employee's safety is at risk during a theft incident. In such a case, all your high-cost products are securely protected behind high-quality glass and come equipped with advanced security locks, alarms, webcams and more. These types of measures ensure your inventory numbers will remain intact and accounted for.


  2. Shopping Experience

Nowadays customers are well informed and comfortable with self-service and online shopping options. Customers enjoy the self-serve option that puts them in control of the sale. They have all the access to the product information provided on the screen if they haven’t already researched it themselves. Customer service is more of a target for consumer criticism, and has led many frustrated retailers towards exploring new and innovative ways to interact with customers. Automated retail enables businesses to discover new ways to give customers the shopping experience they demand.

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