Advantages of SignifiVISION™ Cloud Software in IT Asset Management

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In a world where hybrid and remote working arrangements are becoming established in private- and public-sector organizations, Signifi is proud to be able to help IT professionals master the inevitable challenges of asset management in this ever-changing environment. 

For IT departments supporting a range of systems, the questions often focus on the practical and the day-to-day: How do you deal with repairs and exchanges? What about issuing laptops to new hires? (And so on.)

At Signifi, our IT asset management solutions revolve around smart vending, smart lockers and other self-serve technologies and capabilities, including remote face-to-face conversations between IT staff and end users. Our TED (Tech Express Desk) kiosk, for example, does it all!

When it comes to software, we have observed many organizations are now moving to cloud solutions in recent years. And Signifi’s proprietary VISION software platform is a great example of a solution that gives you all the advantages of the cloud.

Here are some benefits of cloud-based software to consider when you’re making decisions about ITAM solutions.


Cloud software offers tight compliance and security 

Cloud service providers typically invest heavily in cybersecurity measures and regularly update their systems to ensure that they’re secure against the latest threats. Cloud-based solutions can offer strong resiliency and disaster recovery capabilities, which can help businesses avoid data loss and downtime due to unexpected events such as power outages or natural disasters.

Cloud-based software solutions provide a uniform approach to risk-based management. They can ensure consistent application of existing security practices. You can reuse existing security assessments across agencies, departments or units with a cloud-based solution; this eliminates redundancy.

And at Signifi, we ensure you can fulfil your organization’s particular security requirements.

For example: Do you have requirements around your infrastructure’s country of origin? Signifi is able to ensure that information never travels outside of its designated jurisdiction.

Privacy concerns are covered as well. SIGNIFIVISION™ can help you ensure that Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is tokenized so that sensitive data is not accessed by third-party outside your organization.

And our solutions offer security benefits from a hardware standpoint as well. Take our smart lockers: They enable clients who need to follow tight security guidelines to ensure no one touches a sensitive piece of equipment, such as a laptop that must not fall into the wrong hands.

Finally, if you’re with a public-sector entity based in the U.S., you may be interested to know that Signifi’s working on certification to offer a FedRAMP-compliant Vision SaaS solution through a secure public cloud hosting environment. (Talk to us if you want to get updates on our progress.)


Cost and resource management: the cloud advantage

With cloud-based solutions, organizations can avoid the upfront costs of software installation, maintenance and upgrades. You don’t need to mange your servers.

(Conversely, with on-premise software, your IT department has to have a deeper and more time-consuming onboarding and training period because they’re going to be responsible for managing it; this may necessitate the creation of additional documentation.)

With Signifi’s ITAM solutions, your organization gets a turnkey solution: a custom-tailored hardware (including smart lockers, smart vending units and, once again, TED) and software that you can roll out together which works in tandem with the ITAM software you already use. All units also integrate easily with ITSM systems such as ServiceNow, BMC and many more. You’re up and running within weeks — it’s a much more streamlined process than trying to cobble together software and hardware from separate vendors.

From there, our API connects with other software — ServiceNow, Hybris and BMC Remedy to name a few — so your IT team can integrate it with other/existing systems to deliver smooth, seamless processes from the end-user’s point of view.

When it comes to productivity across an organization, cloud solutions reduce downtime. When you’re using the cloud-based software, Signifi can troubleshoot, fix and monitor issues much faster compared to an on-prem server.

Cloud hosting also saves time for your IT department, as it won’t need to manage the servers that Signifi’s VISION software runs on. They can focus on the day-to-day activities rather than adding processes for managing the specific requirements of our servers.


Cloud solutions look to the future

Cloud service providers are constantly innovating and releasing new features and capabilities, allowing businesses to stay up to date with the latest technology trends without having to invest in expensive hardware or software upgrades. This allows you to focus on what matters: the future.


Talk to us about how Signifi’s ITAM solutions could work for your organization.