Signifi Expands PPE Vending to Airports to Ensure the Safety of all Passengers During COVID-19

     From local outbreaks to global epidemics, air travel has become widely notorious as the main reason behind the exponential growth of these infectious diseases. With that being said, COVID-19 is no exception as today’s air travellers remain cautious from the moment of their departure to the time of their arrival. Though even with the virus, you may want, or sometimes need an item from those convenient commercial outlets alongside your airport terminal. When shopping here during the pandemic, you will notice that several new safety procedures have been implemented in order to protect all customers and staff.


     Businesses may furnish the tiles with social distancing floor decals, install sneeze guards, and set up stanchions to ease some worries. Moreover, they may increase the dollar amount authorized for ‘Tap to Pay’ purchases in order to limit the use of pin pads and the handling of cash. Although these protective measures may provide some relief for uneasy travellers, airports and airplanes still remain as a massive threat to the spreading of viral infections. 

     Some outlets have realized this and determined they would need to update their essential products in order to protect their customers not only within but beyond their retail locations. To specify, they knew that personal protective equipment would be in dire need from all travellers and that items within this category would sell like no other. For this reason, airport businesses have reached out to Signifi Solutions for installations of our PPE Automated Retail Kiosks.

Since then, we have made substantial progress within this industry, currently deploying to 27 different airports across North America, with half of them already in operation. With a custom vinyl design dedicated to their brand, our units will accompany airport outlets to provide those must-have items such as masks, gloves, and portable hand sanitizers. Though because these locations will provide these goods either way, some retailers may not fully understand the benefits and capabilities of our solution. And with that said, we truly believe and want to show to the world that it is our automation that differentiates us, allowing us to provide an experience like no other. 


     For instance, if you needed PPE and were running late to catch a flight, we provide a quick and easy solution to your problems. With a friendly user interface, minimal waiting periods, and no employee interactions, no time is wasted with your purchase. Automation makes this possible by providing self-service capabilities whereas customers with other products will be required to lineup for the next cashier. 

     Furthermore, this idea also provides relief for those who are not fully comfortable in entering retail locations and interacting with employees during COVID-19. These same individuals will also be delighted to know that nobody else has touched their merchandise and put it back as it securely stored within a vending unit. Lastly, the elimination of required personnel through automated retail allows airport businesses to extend their trading hours, providing and earning revenue through PPE sales, 24/7. 

     With benefits like this, it was no doubt that our PPE machines made the expansion to airport facilities and were no longer limited to corporate offices. This goes to show just how committed we are to providing flexible solutions that can tap into various industries to engage with new customer segments. All in all, whether it’s a tourist or a business commuter, we’re confident they will appreciate what your business has done to redefine air travel in a safe and healthy way, with automated retail. 


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